Pictured here is the Clearwater Small Stone Desk Lamp. The lamp measures just 8" tall (approximate) from the base to the top of the last stone and has a total height of 15" (approximate) which includes the shade. This cute unique stone lamp is perfect for that small cozy bedroom in your cabin or fits nicely in a child's room.

You can choose from either our faux leather shade or the rawhide shade. Both shades are very high quality and are attached to a standard lamp harp. For your convenience, I have included the proper light bulb for this lamp.

Each stone of this lamp is first drilled through with a 3/8" bit and then the stones are joined together with a 3/8" steel rod and glued together with a high strength epoxy glue. The durable construction of this piece makes The Clearwater Small Stone Lamp truly an heirloom quality creation.


(Please note: The lamp shown here is an example of our smaller stone lamp. The lamp you receive will vary slightly depending on the nature of the rock we use).