A Turkey Surprise

Last November about a year ago,

The air was cold and it had started to snow.

I was excited about the holidays to say the least,

First order of business:  prepare a Thanksgiving feast!


I rushed off to the market with great ambition,

Preparing this dinner was my standing tradition.

I found a cart and spent an hour,

Finding the fixings for the meal that would soon be devoured.


Stuffing, apples, pumpkin and spice,

Potatoes, cranberries and a box of rice.

I was almost done and I almost forgot,

To purchase a turkey to put in my pot.


I went to the freezer and chose a fat bird,

20 pounds was the size I usually preferred.

Big and plump was this turkey I found,

Just right for my pan and not to big around.


I got home and put the turkey in the sink,

Filled it will water up to the brink.

In a few hours the bird would be thawed out,

This would be the best feast ever, I had no doubt.


It was a quarter past five and as I was taking a rest,

I heard a loud noise in the kitchen that put my nerves to the test.

A grunt and a mumble and a very loud gobble,

I got up from my chair and my knees started to wobble.


I flew to the kitchen and I didn’t know what to think,

A full size turkey was sitting up in my sink!

He was soaking wet and his wings were a flapping,

I yelled to the bird, “Why is this happening!”


He gobbled some more and finally exclaimed,

“I was frozen by mistake, I’m in terrible pain!”

“Holy Cow”, I said, “this is completely amazing,

That you survived this ordeal, you must be freezing!”


I wrapped him up in a blanket, this turkey in despair,

And helped him out of the sink and sat him down in a chair.

Soon he was warm and he was finally done dripping,

I gave him some hot cocoa that he began sipping.


“How did this happen,” I said with concern,

“Tell me your story, I am anxious to learn.

How did you end up frozen like this?

Such a terrible mistake cannot be dismissed!”


“I was walking in the forest,” the turkey gobbled to me,

“Looking for food for my family of three.

I was grabbed by a man and put in a truck,

And then frozen solid, a bit of bad luck.”


The turkey then said, still full of strife,

“My name is Heathcliff, thank you for saving my life.”

“Can you help me get back to where I belong?

I must get home; I have been gone for so long.”


Heathcliff and I came up with a plan,

To get him back home so we took off in my van.

We drove to the forest but we were undecided,

Where Heathcliff lived, where he resided.


After some searching we found his spot,

A cute little home on a cute little lot.

He gobbled a thank you and went off to see,

His cute little home and his family of three.


I arrived back home and this I must say,

Saving a turkey is not something I do every day.

Such an event to find a turkey alive,

On this very day at a quarter past five.


I looked at my menu for my Thanksgiving plate,

Can I still get it prepared or will it be too late?

So I decided to come up with a new revised plan,

From now on at Thanksgiving, I think I’ll fix HAM!